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Me eating great food and throwing out the classic peace sign

Welcome to my profile. I'm Andrei Dimaano, nice to meet you. My name is pronounced AWN-dray dih-mah-no or aan-dih-ray-ee di-mah-no. The name's russian, but I am 100% filipino. You can thank my dad's love for tennis player Andrei Medvedev for the name. Feel free to get to know me a bit more or admire the great photos my friends took of me. If you want to know more about my personal life, check my instagram or meet me in person πŸ˜‰

Another pic of me making a peace sign, this time in front of the IG office
Me and my colleagues recreating the META sign with our limbs.

🌎 I value connecting people worldwide and coding products that inspire people to become their best.

πŸ₯ As a former classical musician, I loved perfecting my craft. I used to spend hours practicing my favorite Β etudes, learning new music, and taking a deep dive into my playing technique. These days I'm perfecting my new craft, software engineering. I enjoy creating all types of software for many reasons β€” for a laugh, a challenge, and even for building communities.

🎨 I take pride in the artistry that exists in all my work. I understand well the importance of creating products that are visually sound and intuitive to use. I take pride in my projects and always push to take a project from 95% to 99%.

πŸ€— When I was captain of my high school's drumline, I loved taking on a more significant responsibility to improve my section's music proficiency and form bonds between people. I pride myself on being someone that's not only dependable but also someone great to work with.

my first photo at ucr
Me and my colleagues recreating the META sign with our limbs.

🐻 I study computer science at UC Riverside. I have a 4.0 GPA in all Major-related coursework. I mainly focus on Algorithms and ML in my coursework. I recently took a graduate course (as an undergrad) on Deep Learning.

πŸ“ I've graded for two of the hardest classes (as per general consenus) at UCR - Discrete Mathematics and Machine Learning. I held office hours, created study guides, and also made the best Kahoots(online group quizzing software). Some of my students went on to become graders. Most of my students pass the class. All my student love me (just kidding xD).

✈️ I studied abroad at Yonsei University in Spring 2022, and I'm planning to study abroad in Hong Kong in Spring 2024. I met some of my best friends while studying abroad, and one my biggest flexes is being able to order food in Korean.